Persevere, writers, persevere!

Being a writer is a vocation it is a labor of love. It is about killing your darlings (look it up, you need to do it if you’re going to be a writer). But there is more to it than writing.

You have to get others involved, you have to get past the rejections and they will happen, you have to keep going at the writing itself, you have to keep pushing it out there. Then you must write, and keep your blog going and try to build a following on your twitter account.

The very worst thing about it?

The absolute horridest, worst thing about the whole process is that you don’t know which of the things you’re doing is working and which are the bits on which you’re wasting your time, which is your most valuable commodity.

You will want to quit

It is a lonely life being in the middle of it. You’re putting your soul out there, and of course, you have the sneaking suspicion that you might not be very good at it. That fear can be so hard to overcome that it might even paralyze you.

But you have to rise about and carry on. It is the only way. And you do have to carry on doing all the things you have to do because at some time one of them will work.

Don’t quit, don’t quit, don’t quit

The aphorism that continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result rings horribly true for the writer. For a start, they continue to do the same thing over and over and over. Then they send it out, then they tweet a something, then they post a blog post, and then they write it again.

But it’s not the same the players are different. The new agent might be the one, the new post might be the one that gets forwarded to the right person. The tweet might make everyone laugh and you start to get a following.

Grit your teeth and carry on.

Take the time to learn

The publishing industry is not going to do it your way. You need to either play by their games or self-publish or do both. How to do it is out there. The internet is full of how to guides and advice.

Take some of it in. Work out who is talking sense and who nonsense, choose your guru’s even though they don’t know it.

Loving Saints J.K. Rowling and Sue Townsend

For all aspiring writers out there, remember these two patron saints of writers. Both Rowling and Townsend had their backs against the wall. Both were in desperate circumstances. But it came good at the end. Their stories are a matter of public record.

Rowling being refused by her own publisher when she used a pseudonym; you couldn’t make this up, and it serves to inspire.

The raw materials of the publishing industry are writers. It all falls apart without people putting words on paper.