Publishing Your Book in Today’s Markets

Breaking into the expansive world of publishing can be an intimidating experience. You’ve poured the last ounce of literary craftsmanship into your manuscript and typed the final sentence. Finding a publisher who wants to publish your labor of love is your next big challenge.

Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

The wonders of the digital age have opened infinite avenues to writers looking to publish their work. Not only is self-publishing becoming common place, the platforms for self-publication available online for reasonable fees make this route more financially available than before. The fact is, self-publication guarantees you will see your work in print, it will cost you, though.

Finding a publishing firm to pay you for your writing requires a lot of patience and willingness to face rejections until you find a publisher who is willing to buy your work. This is an age-old traditional print rite of passage and has merits and drawbacks of its own.

Finding the Right Publisher

Traditional publishing has many perks that self-publishing doesn’t have. First and foremost, publishing companies are experts at promoting authors. Long standing companies with good reputations are easily identifiable as household names and are usually sold as mass-market editions around the world.

This is an expensive endeavor, typically involving press releases, marketing campaigns, and large production runs. The biggest advantage, besides getting paid to write under the name of a well-established company, is that you don’t have to fuss with publicity; most publishing firms have their own public relations department or outsource the service.

E-books, Ghost Writing, and Freelance Contributors

Quickly growing in popularity and financial feasibility is freelance writing through online platforms. This is a great way to get started in the publishing world. Content writers supply a great deal of the information you read online, and this field is growing exponentially. Many aspiring authors have found their foothold through this approach.


The ability to deliver publishable content for businesses around the world via the internet is drastically changing the way we publish books, magazines and news reports. Open source online universities, museums, and libraries around the world allow writers to research, share, and interact like never before. It’s truly the Age of Information, and the world of publishing is expanding at astonishing rates in the digital realm.

Pennies for Your Thoughts Can Add Up to Dollars in the Bank

The biggest drawback to many authors is the potential loss of intellectual rights and/or accreditation when published online. An author is far more likely to retain more legal rights to their written works through traditional printed media, making this road to publication very enticing to many writers.

The flip side of this is that freelance writing can be very lucrative in the short term and has the potential to lead to recurring or long-term positions with those same traditional publishing firms.

There are so many opportunities to make your mark on the publishing world, so get out there and find the publishing solution for you.