Write Your Name in the Pages of Literary History

If you asked my mom when it was obvious that I had an author’s soul, she’d probably tell you I was born this way. My earliest memories include reams of notebook paper and ink-smudged fingertips. I have no recollection of a time when I wasn’t fascinated with publishing.

Everyday Literary Heroes

I’ve always been especially fond of gifted storytellers. I’ve ached to join the ranks of those who changed the world for the better with the written word. It’s simultaneously humbling and exciting to consider the societal implications of a good book.

The biggest influencers in history can be found on bookshelves, and I intend to join them in print someday. That’s what drives me to keep writing and continue learning all that I can about the publishing industry.

Shaping Society One Line at a Time

Since the invention of writing, approximately 5000 years ago, people have been recording, discussing and sharing thoughts and ideas through print. Publishing houses have been hotbeds of political activism, social reforms, promoters of great changes, and preservers of the past.

Some popular publishing firms have decades, even centuries, invested in their dedication to the production and distribution of publications. Publishing a book today is very different than its earliest examples, and in many ways, it hasn’t changed all that much.

Copy, Edit, Proof

Whether you’re self-publishing or submitting your manuscript to a firm, some basics of writing should never be overlooked or forgotten. Always make sure to proofread your work. Learn to accept constructive criticism, stay true to your literary style, and never plagiarize another’s work.

The wordsmiths that capture our imaginations and let us explore the boundaries of thought and creativity through language didn’t become such alone. They all relied, and still do, on editors and proofreaders to make sure their manuscripts are grammatically correct and mistake free.

Ironically, it’s the little printing errors that get overlooked before going to press that sometimes become the most famous part of a book or publication.

Add Your Name to History’s List of Greatest Authors

You may or may not be the next Shakespeare, Dickens, or Twain; but it’s important to remember that they were all aspiring and struggling authors before they were forever imprinted upon our collective consciousness. What set each and every literary master apart wasn’t genius alone; determination and resilience were driving forces behind their successes.

If you are like me, your publishing dreams include earning your way onto a best-seller’s list. Before you submit your manuscript take some time to get to know the ins and out of the publishing world.

Pay Your Dues and Eat Humble Pie

Writing your book is personal but publishing your book means creating a public interest and learning to accept public opinion of your work is a price that all authors pay, if they are to succeed. Remember, we write because we are passionate; just keep writing and submitting your work, the world awaits.